Frequently asked questions

How to use photomodulation in my daily practice ?

By stimulating natural repair mechanisms, photomodulation is a perfect complement to
technologies usually used by physiotherapists.

How to integrate the Pain protocol into the patient’s treatment ?

The Pain protocol is not a treatment protocol, in fact it can be used before or during a session to ease patient manipulation and relieve the pain induced during the session.

I used the Pain protocol and I do not have any results, What should I do ?

In certain cases, the dose received by the patient is not high enough to reduce the pain sensation, do not hesitate to repeat the protocol a second time.

If there are no results, it may be a projected pain, it is recommended to stimulate the initial area.

My patient is feeling a sensation of heat on the skin after the treatment, is this normal?

Yes this is normal, and does not cause any danger to the patient. Indeed the electronics embedded in our devices can heat up slightly after the treatment.

What distance should I use Light Motion Pro device ?

All protocols of the Light Motion Pro device are used within 5 cm of the area to be treated; However, we recommend that you follow the parameters indicated in our protocol catalog.

Light Motion Pro comes with an Ipad to control the device from an integrated interface. This interface also indicates the distance and duration.

Can I combine several protocols in one session ?

You can combine different protocols but never on the same session. Only the combination protocol pain + protocol treatment is used according to the pain felt by the patient.

My patient has a tendinopathy, which protocol (s)should I use?

It all depends on the type of tendinopathy and its location. For superficial tendinopathies (Achilles heel tendonitis, knee tendonitis, fascia lata syndrome), it is recommended to use the “Inflammation” protocol; For more in-depth problems, it is preferable to use the protocol “tendinitis” because it includes near infrared and penetrates more deeply.

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